In questa conferenza , il prof. Alberto Venditti di Unit9 (UK), fornirà brillanti intuizioni sull’attuale avanguardia delle applicazioni dell’interazione uomo-tecnologia.

Title: applying innovation to solve complex problems

Abstract: The talk will focus on leveraging creativity and new technologies to solve complex problems. After a brief introduction of the advertising industry model and its evolution carried out by UNIT9 in-house R&D department, we will dive into the practices behind applying innovation to specific industrial challenges from a creative and technical point of view. By reviewing three different use-cases within the Pharmaceutical, Interior Design, and Construction sectors, we will understand the underlying processes of the design and development of innovative solutions from initial briefs to their delivery. The talk is aimed at creatives, UX designers, and psychologists willing to interface with users/clients and cutting-edge technologies

Bio: Alberto has more than a decade of expertise in concept, design & production besides engaging with clients and end-users for both the entertainment and the advertising industry, marrying his passion for strategy with years of field research in user experience and a solid academic background in Psychology. He is currently  Interactive Director at Unit9, London, UK, bringing to life high-risk projects through innovative ideas, intensive research and technical development work – to open new business verticals and partnerships in a wide range of industries: construction, manufacturing and automotive.

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