Would you like to actively participate in recovery after the pandemic? You could do so by starting with an idea!

How can technology-supported psychology be functional in the recovery of daily life?
What will be the new frontiers for remote mediated interaction?
How will psychological expertise be innovative and relevant across sectors?
How can knowledge about human behavior improve human-computer interaction technologies?

These are some of the cues to propose and implement your idea for recovery!

How to participate. For more information and to submit your idea visit ibicocca.it/psytech no later than May 20, 2020, we will support you in the analysis and plan the next steps necessary for its implementation.

Are you a PCN, PSPE or PSED student? Active participation in this call, for final year students of PCN, PSPE and PSED, will also be recognized as participation in an event of Block 3 of the Orientation by Psychologists pathway.

iPSYCO_Lab born from the collaboration of the research centers BiCApp and Mibtec of the Department of Psychology and the iBicocca Team, aims to encourage the birth and development of project ideas and entrepreneurship in the field of Psychology in all its forms.

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Are you interested in doing research with VR?

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