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MiBTec research center

Doing research @mibtec

The MiBTec research center promotes applied research aimed at improving people’s quality of life and encourages the development of usable and innovative technologies. MiBTec is a network of humanists and technologists, collaborating with private and public entities and scientific associations, both at the national and international level. The Center is also open to external academic and industrial business relations.

New technologies correspond to new possibilities

With a total available space of 200m2 divided into 3 laboratories and distributed in different university structures, the infrastructure available to MiBTec represents a unique reality in the Italian university landscape. The Center has two interactive CAVEs (3x3x2.5m), VR Oculus Rift and HTC Vive viewers, a Cyberith Virtualizer, a driving simulator, an Optitrack device for motion capture, Arduino platforms, sensors and high-performance HP Omen and Dell Alienware workstations. Software development tools include the Unity3D graphics engine, supported by the MiddleVR plugin, and the C # programming language.These tools allow to create and enjoy simulated experiences characterized by high levels of immersion and visual fidelity, thus allowing to study human behavior in a natural way and in a wide range of situations.

A privileged partner for companies and business

The MiBTec is a center of excellence that provides knowledge and technologies to generate research or business solutions centered on human experience in virtual and augmented environments. It boosts and supports businesses ideas in the field of work, learning, sustainable and healthy behavior, marketing, product design, and health improvement. We contribute to the validation of software and environments (virtual, augmented or mixed) using scientifically proven and cutting-edge methodologies and instruments.