For the industry

Mibtec for business

The MiBTec is a center of excellence that provides knowledge and technologies to generate research or business solutions centered on human experience in virtual and augmented environments. It boosts and supports businesses ideas in the field of work, learning, sustainable and healthy behavior, marketing, product design, and health improvement. We contribute to the validation of software and environments (virtual, augmented or mixed) using scientifically proven and cutting-edge methodologies and instruments. These are the macro areas that classify our activities:

Studies validation

Are you a company or a public administration? Do you want to validate studies or services with AR, VR or MR systems with the support of reliable scientific methodologies and specialized personnel?

Research and Development (R&D)

Are you interested in studying human behavior, individual or social habits and lifestyles through simulations or virtual environments?

Developer and Startupper

Are you a developer or a startupper? Do you want to carry out a business project supported by substantial and updated psychological knowledge?

Rental of the MiBTec equipment

Do you want to rent a CAVE or laboratory fully equipped with workstations and the most advanced devices for AR, VR or MR for your business project?


Mibtec is born to share goals and collaborate

MiBTec research center was born with a clear mission: to offer tools and solid scientific knowledge to the world of business and industry. Thanks to the technological equipment at our disposal we can offer high-level tools for the development of business ideas or business projects in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed-reality.

Our approach is scientific, addressing each need as a research project that aims to find effective and efficient solutions, supported by theory and the latest technological advances.