New Infrastructures, New Technologies, New Possibilities.

With a total available space of 200m2 divided into 3 laboratories and distributed in different university structures, the infrastructure available to MiBTec represents a unique reality in the Italian university landscape. The Center has

  • two interactive CAVEs (3x3x2.5m)
  • VR Oculus Rift and HTC Vive viewers
  • Cyberith Virtualizer
  • driving simulator
  • Optitrack device for motion capture
  • Arduino platforms, sensors and high-performance HP Omen and Dell Alienware workstations.

Software development tools include the Unity3D graphics engine, supported by the MiddleVR plugin, and the C # programming language.These tools allow to create and enjoy simulated experiences characterized by high levels of immersion and visual fidelity, thus allowing to study human behavior in a natural way and in a wide range of situations.

Download the brochure with all the technological equipment of the research center here..

Tech infrastructures for any type of experimental design

New technologies correspond to new possibilities: for this reason, the MiBTec instruments have also enhanced the operational capabilities of the classic laboratories already present in the university. This allows us to play with a network of infrastructures capable of responding to every type of experimental need: from the analysis of eye movements and physiological responses while driving vehicles, to the interaction with a shelf of virtual products, from the improvement of individual skills to the study of collaborative interfaces. Beside software and hardware our stronger assets is the people, with their competence and entusiam.